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National and International Road Transport Organization (NIWO)

National and International Road Transport Organization (NIWO)

Our NIWO number is 31187

The National and International Road Transport Organization (NIWO) has long been the licensing authority for road transport. The NIWO falls directly under the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment. Transport companies must apply for a permit from the NIWO before they are allowed to work as a carrier in this sector.

On the basis of the Road Transport Goods Act, the NIWO grants Euro permits to the more than 13,000 transport companies involved in road freight transport in the Netherlands. The so-called Euro permit is mandatory for all transport companies engaged in the transport of goods in the European Union.

The NIWO checks both with the application and every 5 years whether these companies meet the four qualitative requirements described in the law: creditworthiness, reliability, professional competence and real location.

The NIWO also issues driver attestations for non-EU drivers, journey authorizations and CEMT permits, and the NIWO issues TIR carnets. In addition, the NIWO manages the VIHB list of waste collectors, transporters, traders and intermediaries.

The aim of the NIWO is to allow the domestic and foreign market for freight transport to function properly. An important way to achieve this is by granting permits.

In addition, the NIWO can also revoke permits. The organization is also focused on managing data and providing data to certain parties. The NIWO also participates in bilateral and multilateral negotiations to improve the situation in the transport sector.

The NIWO: quality in transport starts here!