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Express courier international: fast delivery worldwide

International shipment? That’s no problem for us! We can deliver your shipment safely and quickly within and outside Europe, thanks to our many years of experience. We do this with our own transportation and reputable partners, so that your shipment arrives safely and promptly, at the right destination, in the right hands.

You can register your express courier order for shipment via our website or by telephone, and it will be processed directly into our logistics system. After registering your shipment, our driver will collect your shipment within 45 minutes.

Our courier will then be present your express courier shipment to the recipient, in the shortest possible time. Together we'll discuss what a realistic time frame is, so that you are not faced with any surprises.

After delivery of the shipment by our express courier, you will receive a POD (proof of delivery) as confirmation. You will receive this by e-mail, so that you are informed that your order has been completed correctly and on time.

Does your shipment also need documents for export or customs? You can contact us, so that your shipment arrives at its destination without undue delay.

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